NEW RELEASE! The Classical Guitar Complete: Ensemble Anthology



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Produced by John Dearman
Composers:  Fernando Sor,  Manuel de Falla,  Joaquín Rodrigo,  Niccolo Paganini,  Leo Brouwer,  Andrew York & Johann Kaspar Mertz.

“For those who aren’t aware of the simple beauty of the solo classical guitar, after 50 minutes with Scott, you will be. The fingers are busy and crafty. Joaquin Rodrigo’s ‘Invocation y Danza’ proves this point in elegant fashion; a spry 8 minutes as only the Spanish guitar can claim”. – The Muse’s Muse

Track Listing:

01  Marlborough Intro. & Variat. Op 28 (Fernando Sor)
02  Homenaje (Manuel de Falla)
03  Invocación y Danza (Joaquín Rodrigo)
04  Minuetto Sonata No. 10 (Niccolo Paganini)
05  Sonata No. 8 Minuetto (Niccolo Paganini)
06  Sonata No. 8 Allegretto (Niccolo Paganini)
07  Sonata No. 1 Minuetto (Niccolo Paganini)
08  Sonata No. 1 Andantino (Niccolo Paganini)
09  Sonata No. 2 Minuetto (Niccolo Paganini)
10  Sonata No. 2 Allegretto ossio Rondoncino (Niccolo Paganini)
11  Elogio de la Danza,  for guitar,  I:  Lento (Leo Brouwer)
11  Elogio de la Danza,  for guitar,  II:  Obstinato (Leo Brouwer)
13  Reflections (Andrew York)
14  Lullaby (Andrew York)
15  Scott’s Muse (Andrew York)
16  Fantaisie Hongroise (Johann Kaspar Mertz)